About Heroes

Someone had left a shopping cart in the parking lot at a supermarket. A storm was brewing. A wind was blowing viciously, grabbing at the tree tops around the parking area and bending and shaking the branches. A gust was pushing around anything not standing steady, including the cart. The cart was moving away from its stationary position and started rolling towards a car parked a distance away, catching speed with the wind chasing it on. It was clear that the steel shopping cart would soon collide into the side of a very neat German sedan, causing unnecessary damage. Luckily, a young man was exiting the store at that moment and saw what was happening. He instantly perceived the potential harm of the moving shopping cart and immediately sprang into action – running to the cart and grabbing it just in time to save it from crashing into the sleek sedan.

Did he HAVE to do it? No. Was the young man a hero? If it was your car, I’m sure you would’ve thought so! Real heroes are ordinary people. They are seldom built like Hollywood action stars and never wear a cloak or an “S” on their chest. They never see themselves as heroes. These men and women (or boys and girls) see a situation that absolutely need to change right away and realise that nobody is doing anything about it. They cannot bear just watching, passively, as the wrong continue to play out in front of them. There’s a sense of urgency. Something inside them moves them to act – immediately. They respond to destiny calling, a moment of truth that could change lives for the better, right now. Or for the worse if no one acted! They did not think of it that way when they moved to correct things. They were just WILLING to act, despite danger or repercussion, and ACTED!

It is possible for us all to be someone’s hero – every day. By opening our eyes and seeing where something is not right and deciding to do something about it. By springing into action when our heart says: “This will not be allowed – not on my watch!” By lending a hand to someone in need, just because we can. By making someone else’s life a little bit easier. Not waiting for someone else to do it. I can be that someone else today – and so can you!

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About Henry

This is so much more scary and beautiful and messy and challenging than anything I could ever have imagined. But this is real. This is my family and I would not want to change a thing. Being a dad has pushed me to new levels of spirituality. It has strengthened my relationship with God in a divine way, because I simply know that I won’t be able to handle any of this alone. And He has always been there. In magical ways. Sometimes making it just a little more bearable when the hours creep by so slowly during those baby feeding nights in the first few months. There are so many things to explore and discover together. Don’t hold back, don’t look for quick fixes and recipes. Keep it real. This will be the most fulfilling experience you will ever have!

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