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What am I exceptional at?

Sometimes we see someone doing something great – maybe performing a masterpiece on piano, or presenting on a topic in a profound way – grabbing everyone’s attention and keeping it. We wish we could be like that – have that “edge” that only that person seem to have. The first thing we want to do is to sign up for piano lessons or to attend a toastmasters course to improve our public speaking skills, hoping that we would also create that magic in front of an audience. In the face of it, there is nothing wrong with wanting to improve yourself in a certain area, but is that area where your talent lies?

So you spend months on learning the art of public speaking and somehow find that you still don’t have that edge – that magic that you saw the other person perform. Your audience is not laughing and clapping and gazing at you with expectation when you talk. Could it be that you have spent your time on improving a weakness rather than building on a strength? The problem is, you will never be amazing at your weaknesses, you will only grow them to be mediocre; to become “not so bad”. But they won’t be exceptional. Because they are not your talents. Your strengths are where your talents are.

But what if you spent your time on developing your strengths, those natural talents that you were born with? If you focus on growing your strengths you will become absolutely amazing in that area of your life – you will shine! Rather than spending your time and energy on the things that you aren’t that good at, focus massively on the things you ARE good at. By all means, DO spend time on bettering the areas that you are really crap at. If it’s something that you need but are not interested in, try to develop at least a working knowledge of it.  But don’t waste your precious time and energy on building it – it won’t be great if you don’t have a talent for it.

Your greatness is already there – its waiting for you to find it. Your greatness is found in your unique talents – the things that only you are good at. But you need to find it. Find your talents and build on them to make them better than great – make them exceptional! But remember, an undeveloped talent will never become exceptional – you need to put in the work first! But over time, your talent (if exercised and developed further) will become your trademark. It will be something exceptional that only you can bring to this world and that you will be remembered for.