A suit surrenders

Yup.  That was about it – the day I surrendered.  I wasn’t actually wearing a suit, but I was doing the corporate thing – a man on a mission to make his mark in the world of project development and construction.  I was in a training session regarding high voltage safety for a power plant we were managing when my phone rang.  It was the one time that I was not able to attend the sonar with my wife that day. She said it was important, so I stepped outside before phoning back. I could hear the anxiety in her voice and felt nervous. I wasn’t sure whether she was excited or scared when she started speaking, but the next few words I could never have imagined: “There are three.” “What do you mean?” I asked. “Are there two?” Long pause. Too long. “There are three. Three little hearts beating, daddy.” What?! I was totally dumbfounded.  My mind was utterly and completely sealed off for the concept of three.  “Three?!” I asked, hoping for some better explanation.  I mean, we said we were going to try for a brother or a sister for our firstborn boy – that would mean two kids in total. Two makes sense, because the world is designed for parents to have two children – you see it all over the place: In magazine ads where new sedans are shown with mom, dad and two perfect-looking kids in the back. On TV where two kids come jumping excitedly on their parents’ bed on Christmas morning. Or the ad where two brothers grow up being best buds and then have a whiskey together when they’re old – still best buds and still just two of them! I tried again: “Do you mean two?” I was kind of trying to make sense of the possibility of twins. “No, three. We are going to have triplets.” Bang! The concept fluttered into my mind like a head rush leaving me feeling freakishly dizzy. I had no idea what to say. “Triplets…” I murmured in a hypnotized tone.  I can’t remember the rest of our conversation, but I believe there might have been a teary eye. But that’s because cells will die if they are not kept moist, right? Right. No really, I shed a tear. Because I was **** scared! (very scared :))

So, all our plans – out the window. The ones we had up to that point, anyway. The car would be too small (remember the two kids at the back concept?)  The living room would be too small. The house became too small. The bank balance too small! But while figuring all this out, I felt very proud. Although many things suddenly seemed inadequate, I felt very adequate in a very manly way.  My wife was pregnant with triplets. MY wife. With MY triplets!

When your first baby arrives, your life changes forever. I knew that, because we already had our first boy. But I had no idea what I was in for. I could never have imagined how my life would change – in ways that I did not even know was possible at the time! Welcome to the world of multiples – plus one!

Some of the little people I surrendered to :)

Some of the little people I surrendered to 🙂

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About Henry

This is so much more scary and beautiful and messy and challenging than anything I could ever have imagined. But this is real. This is my family and I would not want to change a thing. Being a dad has pushed me to new levels of spirituality. It has strengthened my relationship with God in a divine way, because I simply know that I won’t be able to handle any of this alone. And He has always been there. In magical ways. Sometimes making it just a little more bearable when the hours creep by so slowly during those baby feeding nights in the first few months. There are so many things to explore and discover together. Don’t hold back, don’t look for quick fixes and recipes. Keep it real. This will be the most fulfilling experience you will ever have!

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